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Easy Hairstyles 2019

20 Hairstyles That You Can Do In Just 5 Minutes

Our hair is always unfortunately not well-groomed. And if you’re a little bit asleep in the morning, shaping your hair is literally a waste of time. Since we know your problem very well, we have recovered the hairstyles that will save the situation and give it a stylish look in ...

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Hairs designed with Schwarzkopf Professional

Designed by Dylan Brittain, Schwarzkopf Professional Ambassador from the Rainbow Room Schwarzkopf Professional Ambassador Suzie McGill and the British Hairdresser’s Awards this year. You can get inspiration from simple and elegant views. Personalized Styles   Rainbow inspired hair style   The charm of blonde hair   Gradient transitions   Geometric ...

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Hair Accessories

Hair accessories for prom, weddings or daily wear. Every woman desires her hair to seem its best. Adorn these fun hair accessories through beads and Swarovski flatback rhinestones for that more polish and sparkle you desire. There are different types of accessories, yet, and it is best to try some ...

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Types of Hair Coloring

Types of hair coloring techniques. Hair colors are soluble essence or liquid measures used for staining, highlighting or tinting hairs. It is used for different purposes; most usually to return gray hair to its prior color, to change hair color to a gloom regard as more desirable, or to return ...

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