Special for marginal brides: Become a charming bride with your colorful hair!

We have great suggestions for brides who want to be enchanted with their different style!

You want to be an extraordinary bride with a very different hair model from similar bridal hair models, knobs, wavy hair? Then you’re in the right place! We have a super suggestion for crazy brides who have a difference in their hair! Let’s continue with the bride candidates who want to discover this proposal! 🙂


Pink Hair

If you’re planning a ranch wedding, we’il suggest you pink hair! Your hair has a natural wave. Your pink hair and waves will be in perfect harmony!

Or are you wearing a hair accessory? Candy pink hair is full of hair! We’re pretty sure it’il look great on the way to the bride.


SOURCE : https://popwed.co/2017/08/26/intimate-wedding-dc-brewery/

You want to take advantage of a bunch of bridal hair models instead of opening your hair? Then the color of your hair can be more neon pink for your preference.

If the wedding is near the sea, an elegant bun and tiny flowered bridal hair accessory is ideal! The detail that completes this look is of course the pink hair!

Lilac Hair

You think that this hairstyle, which we often encounter on Instagram and Pinterest, tries everyone, right? But when the lilac color of the hair changes, things change, and a whole new look is emerging.

Lilas, purples and different shades together! The lead actress of the weddings of the rustic concept will catch a very pleasant harmony of flowering bridal hair accessories and different purple shades!

Rose Gold Hair

We’re already already locked in the magic of rose gold! On your wedding day, you will guarantee that you will look amazingly charming with your rose gold hair!

Blue Hair

Do you like vintage styles? Then how about this look? Imagine if he went into the wedding apartment with your light blue hair! All glances will be gathered at once and you will never forget this moment, neither you nor your prospective husband! 🙂


Credits : https://www.photoflow.ca/blog/blue-hair-and-pony-tail-wedding/


Rainbow Hair

Do you even want your hair to look like another color? We wouldn’t think it would be bad to think of a lilac wedding dress! Pink, green, blue, purple colors are combined, the rainbow-like hair is exactly according to the brides of the marginal!


CREDITS: https://www.popsugar.com/beauty/Rainbow-Hair-Bride-2016-42351100


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