7 Different Hairstyles that You Can Easily Do at Home

Here are both very stylish looking and very easy hairstyles!

Aren’t you tired of using the same hairstyles? Don’t you think it’s time to try some different, different hairstyles? We know you’re using the same hairstyles because it’s always easy. But below, we propose to you to make different hairstyles so easy that you can do it in seconds. Here are both very stylish looking and very easy hairstyles!


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Reverse braided hairstyle

simple braid hairstyle tutorial. Plait hairstyle for long hair. Fast hairstyle for self tutorial step by step. Hair tutorial

Here’s how, in appearance, is a rather different hairstyle in appearance: reverse braided hair! In this hairstyle, you start to weave the front part of your hair under the chin. Then you weave the rest of your hair and continue to weave the end of the other braid. In the final, you can complete the view by taking the formal back of your head from the chin.

Twill braided knob

simple elegant hairdo for long and medium hair tutorial

Different hairstyles look as stylish as it is easy. And one of these hairstyles is the twisted braided bun! Twist the front of the hair to give the shape of the auger and then collect 2 separate mesh after collecting with rubber rubber. Then pull these weaves sideways to expand and give the knob look. You can fix it with the help of wire buckles.

Editorial suggestion: You can choose this hairstyle often in invitations, you can fill the eyes with your elegant look. However, to make the hair model appear perfect, the hair should not be electrified. For this reason, we recommend that you fix your electrified hair by spraying, which may disrupt the appearance after creating the entire hairstyle.

Braided half horsetail

modern hairstyle braid with loose hair. Hairstyle tutorial for long hair. Hairstyle for party tutorial step by step

I’d like to differentiate half a ponytail! When different hairstyles are combined with braids, they appear as cool. The braided half ponytail is also practical and it’s one of the coolest hairstyles! Pick up a pinch of the front part of the hair, and the side parts are in the form of a herringbone hair pattern eg Then, under the ponytail, create a ponytail and pass it through the weaves. You can fix this process several times depending on the length of your hair.

Editorial suggestion: This hairstyle is flat in the hair model, the model is very important in terms of providing the foreground. Therefore, we recommend that you give a straight look with the straightener before shaping your hair. Before you can get help from Elseve Hair Beautifying Miraculous Oil Cream in order to prevent the hair from being damaged by heat and to get a perfect shape.

Half mini braids

9 steps of create a beautiful greek hairstyle + final view, tutorial for a long hair by beauty blogger

That’s exactly what you can do when you go to the beach in the summer months! You cut your hair on the side, you cut your hair on the side of the side and on the other hand you knit and tie a pinch in the back. If you are in the city and have not gone on holiday, you can open it with a dryer for the weather.

Editorial suggestion: How about opening the hair color when you go to the beach? Then you can get help from LsOréal Paris Sunkiss Coloring Gel. Apply this gel, which gradually opens the hair color, to the wet hair before leaving the house and wait for it to dry under the sun. If you’re in the city and you can’t go on vacation, you can dry the hair with a hair dryer after applying the gel to your hair to get the hair color that is opened from the sun. 🙂

Braided and wavy hairstyle

one-side hairstyle on curly hair tutorial. Hairstyle for long hair. Sea style.

You shaped your hair with a curling iron, but you want a different look? The little braids are you! Cut the hair as far as you can and form a tiny knit on the side where the hair is small, starting with ear alignment. By attaching a hair accessory like a ribbon to the end of the braid, you can get a much more pleasant look.

Elegant mace model

Hairstyle tutorial elegant bun with braid. Simple hairstyle twisted bun with plait tutorial. Hairstyle tutorial for long hair. Hairstyle bun. Tutorial. Hair model.

When you go to work, you can use an elegant meeting to reach a stylish appearance when you have an important meeting, presentation. To get this bun model, you need to put your hair on top and separate it into two bundles. You have to give a pin to the knob model and fasten it with the wire buckles and wrap the other pin around the bun. That’s it!

Braided low horsetail

simple hairstyle ponytail with twist hair tutorial step by step. Hairstyle for long hair

If we ask you which hairstyle is the easiest, it’s probably the answer, isn’t it? It’s easy to differentiate horsetail! Knit two strands of the front of your hair back and give them a cross shape. Then pick up the hair and wrap the weaves in the ponytail and fix them with wire buckles. You’re ready!

Editorial recommendation: After you have done your hair, you can use the hair care oil for a smooth and bright shiny look. Apply hair care oil to the ends and hair of your hair to make a sparkling finish!

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