18 Curly Hair Transformations You Have to See

Those who have curly hair knows well; coping with them is much harder than they thought. Curly hair should always look good to have irresistible, well-groomed, shiny curls. It is important to use correct shampoo, the right hair conditioner, the right care ingredients. Evoria offers special care tips for curly hair so that you have curls that make everyone jealous.

Curly Hair Tips

Use hair conditioner before washing, then use shampoo

Usually used hair conditioner after shampoo before hair wash. Evoria recommends the opposite for curly hair. Those who have curly hair should wash their hair so that they do not touch their bottom after wetting their hair thoroughly. They should wait about two minutes and rinse with plenty of water. Then they should be shampooed with gentle movements without mixing the hair. In this way, curly hair will be more easily scanned and not electrified. Curly hair is the ideal hair wash interval for a day. Washing hair one day apart; Ideal for protecting hair health and easy styling.

Prefer plant shampoo

For curly hair cleansing, nutritious and moisturizing products should be preferred. Shampoos specially designed for each of the dry, oily or normal hair should be selected and used as a habit. Especially for curly hair, shampoos should be preferred which protect curly and wavy hair against wear and smoothing and softening hair thanks to enriched plant extracts. Herbal shampoos provide intensive care for the hair to be healthy and beautiful when cleaning hair.

Rinse water must be cold

The cold water used to rinse the shampooed hair ensures that the hair is shiny and soft. Cold water; it covers the top layer of hair and prevents it from becoming electrified. Likewise, after drying the hair so that it stays slightly damp, it is also useful to hold the finale by holding cold air. It is also very important to dry the hair completely. Because if there is moisture left in the hair, it will cause extra curling and will disrupt the natural appearance of the hair.

After all this, the hair can be applied to the hair to keep the hair wavy and appear brighter. It will be enough for a smoother and smoother display of dried hair, wrapped in a piece of tongs and waiting for a few seconds.


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